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Sharing my knowledge and experience with photographers looking for bold rich tones

Are you focused on providing  consistency with bold rich tones?

It took 15 years of experience to develop my bold rich tone with flawless skin tone brand, let me show you

how in 90-minutes. 


online 1:1 mentorship

90-Minute  online mentorship google meets call - we will go over editing goals, branding, camera settings  and I will answer any questions you have during our time together.  The second piece of the mentorship will be a video of me guiding you step by step on how to edit using my preset and brushes.

  • SMP Lightroom Presets and Adjustment Presets

  • Education Guide

  • Follow Up Support

**Please note RAW images are necessary for the presets to work properly


FREE Download!

Are you providing the best customer experience?  Download the FREE "How to Provide a Stellar Client Experience" Guide and learn how I over deliver on my client experience with my workflow from inquiry to delivery.

SMP Adventure Presets

Warm Natural Earth Tones

SMP Adventure Green Pastures Preset


 (5) Lightroom Presets:

  • SMP Adventure Green Pastures

  • SMP Adventure Sunsets

  • SMP Adventure The Rural

  • SMP B+W Adventure 001

  • SMP B+W Adventure 002


 (8) Lightroom Adjustment Presets:

  • SMP Add Sun

  • SMP Background

  • SMP Hair Brush

  • SMP Iris Enhance

  • SMP Skin Tones

  • SMP Sky

  • SMP Subject Lift Exposure

  • SMP Skin Smoothing

SMP Adventure B+W 001

Available only with the 1:1 Mentorship. These presets were created for a specific SOOC image exposure and my goal is to provide you the tools to achieve that exposure during our 1:1 mentorship call. 

** note: presets work on RAW images only

You can forget about being overwhelmed when it comes to achieving bold rich tones and perfect skin

tones, let me show you how. 

Templates to get you started
CanvaTemplates_FullWeddingBundle .png
full wedding bundle canva template

Includes Wedding Guide, Wedding Price Guide and Engagement Guide Canva Templates. 

Engagement Guide Canva Template
WEdding Guide
Canva Template
Wedding Price Guide Canva Template
SeniorGuide_Mockup .png
senior Guide
Canva Template
FamilyListingMockUp .png
family Guide
Canva Template

Whether you are here to grow your business or learn how to use your camera for the first time, my 15 years of photography experience is here to support you on this journey.

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