10 Things You Might Not Know About Me | Benton Portrait Photographer

Getting to know people during their portrait sessions is something I enjoy doing. People often ask me questions, so I'll share 10 things that you might not know about me.

1. I've traveled abroad to Stockholm, Sweden; St. Petersberg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Eijand Fjord, Alesund, Geiranger, Bergen, Norway; and Visby, Sweden.

2. I grew up on a beef farm, 2 miles east of where I live now. When I was younger I worked up fields, cut and raked hay, hauled poop, scraped down pig pens, and chased cows.

3. I lived in Madison for 3 months just out of college in an apartment and realized I didn't like city life and moved in with my husband 1 year before getting married. You can't take the country out of a country girl.

4. I can't stand driving a vehicle with less than a 1/4 tank of gas. Ask my husband, I swear to god every time I get into my husband's truck it's always at 1/4 tank or less.

5. I love to fish, out of a boat or on ice, I love to catch bluegills, crappies, northern, perch, bass, or walleye. My husband loves to ice fish, I'm not a fan of the cold so last year he bought me an ice shanty and heater so I can go with him and not freeze to death on the ice.

6. I'm TikTok famous! Kylie asked me to be in a TikTok with her last spring and as crazy as the year was I decided why not so I really put my heart and soul into my cameo appearance and it paid off. We have 20.0K views and made the For You Page. View our TikTok here

7. I worked for a computer store for 4 years while in college, I could build a windows computer from scratch and troubleshoot hardware issues.

8. I am very spiritual, in that I believe in the angels, the universe bringing us what we need, past lives, reiki, and god!

9. I love gardening, growing flowers and vegetables from seeds, landscaping, etc.

10. I hate snakes! No way, nope not going to, can't even watch them on TV, man they creep me out!