7 Reasons to Schedule Family Photos

some people get all giddy when thinking about their family portrait session with a professional photographer. Moms will start googling "photographers near me" hoping to find that magical capturer of her dreams. Someone to capture those sweet memories she has dreamt of her whole life.

While others dread family portraits due to the stress it can cause - What do we wear? Will I look skinny in the pictures? What if it rains? How do I get everyone together with the busy schedules? While portraits can have their challenges, there are many rewards and benefits to taking the plunge and scheduling your family session with a professional photographer. Here are 7 reasons why...

New Family Members

Have you added new family members? What a great time to schedule a family session. Having a portrait that includes everyone in the family is a great idea! New babies or adding a new family member thru an engagement or marriage is a great time to schedule a session. What better way to celebrate them being a part of the family!

Displaying Portraits

Hanging family portraits in your home gives your children and family a sense of unity, it gives them a sense of where they belong and it gives them self-esteem. Are you proud of your kids? Showcasing your family portraits on your wall, at work on social media lets everyone know you are excited to be a family. When your kids can see that your proud to be a family and that you are proud they are part of your family it lets your children know they are loved and part of something. PRINTING your images is a critical part of the process. So many families schedule sessions, download the images and then get too busy to print the images to hang on the wall to display in your home. PRINT YOUR IMAGES! Hang them, make photo books, print some for your kids to hang in their lockers or at home.


People say kids grow fast! Now that I've had an opportunity to be a mom and watch my kids grow from toddlers to college students in the blink of an eye, I've realized how quickly the stages do go. Looking back on photos of our loved ones who are no longer with us, reminds us that you can never have enough photos to remember them by. Don't regret not taking the time, 20-minutes to 1-hour to schedule a family session for a lifetime of memories.

Holiday Cards

It's always nice to get an updated family portrait to show off on your holiday card. I love seeing how families grow and fun to see the photos they've chosen to show off their family.

Update Home Decor

People are always looking to refresh their homes or decor. There are so many new photo products out there to help you decorate your walls from metal prints, blankets, photo blocks, photo mugs, canvas prints, etc. Schedule your family session with the idea you want to decorate your walls with family portraits.

Give Photos as a Gift

This is my favorite! When you have that hard-to-buy mother or mother-in-law who doesn't want or need anything, I always look to giving them a portrait session. They will be thrilled to update the photos in the frames, get the family together, and have a photo album full of family portraits. I guarantee your gift will be the most cherished!

History in the Making

I have loved ones who are no longer with us. All we have left is what we can remember in our minds, stories family can still tell us, and pictures they have left behind. What legacy will you leave your grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Pictures are an insight into where we have been and who we are. Whether it is a picture of your current family or pictures of your ancestors. Take time to capture this time. in history. Seize the day, schedule your family's history-making portrait session.

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