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Lesser Extended Family Session

I had a first during this session. Alyssa booked this session 4 months in advance and the week before their session she found you they were expecting their third baby. She messaged me the day before their session asking if I could help her announce their news to the family. OMG this was so exciting to be a part of.

During the session we were near the end we just shot the family photo and I was rearranging everyone for another pose, everyone was set to go and as I put the camera up to take the photo I announced "One the count of 3 everyone say Alyssa is expecting baby #3"! At first there was no reaction and then all of a sudden her mom's jaw dropped and looked at Alyssa and said "is she for real". From there it hit everyone what I had just said. Such a great memory to capture for them.

Thank you for allowing me to capture your family and memories. Enjoy a few of my favorites.

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