Overwhelmed with Outdoor Family Sessions?

Outdoor family photos are a great alternative to traditional studio photos. After all, outdoor photo sessions are often more relaxed, lively, and can feel more authentic than studio photography. With your family in a more comfortable and less restrictive environment, they are much more likely to show their real personalities through their body language and facial expressions.

Choose the Right Location

Choosing the right location matters! Besides factoring in the time of day, appropriate light exposure for your images, the specific details about the background can also make for a good story. The location should be accessible. While treks across an open field may be a good bonding experience with your family, you probably don't want to look all hot, sweaty and huffing in your photos. That being said though, you also don't want to shoot in a carpark, a short walk through a park, off the beaten track a bit always makes for a good photo. There is also the matter of crowd control. Chances are there will be people strolling around public places, which will make it more difficult for you to do the outdoor family shoot. There are ways to avoid large crowds of people, such as shooting photos early in the morning, scheduling off-season months, or selecting locations that are not heavily crowded with people, etc.

Choose the Right Clothes

This means color coordination is encouraged, though not necessarily means wearing the same shade for everyone! Color coordination is choosing those colors that complement each other in a way that groups you as a unit while still maintaining individuality. An example of this is wearing pastel color clothing. Pastel colors are hues that have been tinted with white, giving them a subdued but pleasing appearance. These shades work well with natural light and can add a touch of photographic interest without distracting you and your facial features.

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