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Photographers: Why you need a brand?

If someone couldn't see your brand, how would you describe it?

Up until a year ago I could not answer this, lol and I'm betting many photographers out there haven't thought about it. We are so "focused" on our photos, editing, composition, lighting, camera settings, posing, etc. we don't think about the brand or why we even need it.

Believe it or not every time someone asks you what you do - your describing your brand, your ideal client, and your client experience.


Someone would ask me "What do you do?"

Before I would say "I capture senior portraits? " Their thinking.... that's basic, so does every photographer in the area!

{Insert hiring a business coach 📚} Think of what makes you unique (aka the brand)? Take it a step further go into details of what makes you different, because we all do things a little different in our photography business.

{Insert 4 weeks of thinking, asking previous clients, reviewing testimonials and looking at what I provide, where I provide it and why people come to me, what do they want 🤔 💭}

Now I say " I adventure the rural providing seniors a natural experience. You will be

walking through pastures, encountering cattle, ranger rides to the woods, and enjoying sunsets in remote locations most people dream of. You will experience a ton of movement, laughter, and beautiful warm sunsets. Not every session is the same, we will be in unique locations that you connect with and I'll provide you prompts and guide you into posing in a way you feel comfortable and relaxed."

Whoa, see how my description of my senior session has changed... it's no longer just capturing senior portraits - it's an adventure where you feel comfortable and right at home as we venture the rural countrysides before sunset.... THE BRAND VOICE Speaking!

That my friend is why you need to describe your brand - this description will allow you to clearly define your brand and attract your ideal client on your website, social media posts and marketing material! Being specific about what you do and how you do it is key. Take a week, a month, some time to think about what truly makes you different, don't be afraid to ask past clients - after all they will tell you why they chose you over another photographer. Something to keep in mind is it's not always this big grand idea, it can be simple - that was my hang up, I was thinking it had to be this grand thing that I needed to discover - it wasn't at all, it was so simple something people can relate to. So go do it! Start a "describe my brand" list... you'll be amazed at what you come up with.

If your a photographer and have yet to define your brand and the ability to describe it, it's not too late! If you find yourself needing guidance, I'm here to help! In my 1:1 mentorship we will touch on your why, your brand marketing, camera settings, workflow, editing, and so much more. This program is for everyone no matter where you are in your photography journey. It is specifically catered to you and what you need, you can ask me anything and everything. Are you ready?! Click here to join me in a 90-Minute 1:1 mentorship google meet call, I would love to connect with you.

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