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Rural senior session, Darlington, wi

Hey guys! I was just back from adventuring with Cooper, another wonderful 2024 senior. I am so excited that so many of my seniors this year have decided to do pictures on their family farm! Cooper was quiet, but hilarious, and it was such a joy to work with him to create a senior session that he can share with family and friends.

Rural Senior Session Details

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; choosing to do your senior portraits on the family farm is one of the best decisions you can make. Check out another blog on my favorite locations for senior portraits. Not only can you capture stunning pictures, but each one feels like home. Plus, you can create poses that are unique to you, and only achievable with the space a private residence allows. I was able to work with Cooper to capture a few photos of him doing tricks on his dirtbike, and wow did they turn out stunning! Senior guy photos on the farm can be tailored to you and your interests so much more than in a studio, and creates a wonderful picture that is perfect for you!

Cooper is also a very accomplished athlete between playing football, and making it to state for Track and Field last year, so we made sure to take pictures with his jerseys and medals. I love working with seniors who have such a wide variety of interests. It’s so incredible to see all the different passions these 2024 seniors have. For any senior looking for football senior picture ideas, or track and field senior picture inspiration can get a good sense of what they might like when looking at Cooper’s pictures. I especially loved taking the pictures that showcased all the medals Cooper has acquired so far.

Rural senior guy portraits almost always entail a cowboy hat, and I’m glad for it! Cooper was able to style an incredible outfit with his cowboy hat, and it is sure to give any senior boy in need of outfit inspiration an idea or two. Cooper had a wide array of outfit choices, and each one was unique to him and his personality, but also fit well with the background. Senior guy photos on the farm can be as dressy, or as casual, as you want and still look amazing every time!

Cooper was fantastic to work with this year, and I wish him the best of luck with his senior year. I can’t wait to work with another senior with just as many interests and hobbies as him, and find unique and fun ways to capture those talents. Mostly I can’t wait to get back out there adventuring the rural and taking Wisconsin senior portraits for years to come.

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