What is my Favorite Portrait Session? | Benton Portrait Photographer

What is my favorite portrait session you ask?

Senior portrait sessions are my favorite! I love working with this age group. Kids nowadays take selfies and post on their social channels and for the most part, they are looking forward to these portraits.

For the girls it's exciting to select outfits, get your hair and make-up done and allow a photographer to photograph their beauty. . For the guys most of them look forward to unique photos, where they can show off their cool mode of transportation, or their sports jerseys. This is their opportunity to showcase their personality in front of the camera.

Seniors are natural posers. Maybe growing up with cellphones these kids are more comfortable, let's be honest it takes courage to create and post a TikTok and these kids are not afraid. I'm not going to lie I've made a couple of TikTok's with my kids and let's just say I'm not jumping up with excitement when my kids ask me to make a TikTok with them, lol.

If you are an upcoming senior and would like to book your session please visit https://www.smonsonphotography.com/seniors

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