What to Wear for Senior Portraits

So you just scheduled your senior portraits and now you are left wondering, "what to wear for Senior Portraits?" My suggestion is to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Guys and girls are different obviously but here are some outfit ideas I have photographed in the past.

My suggestion is to keep it casual.


  • Jeans or khakis

  • Polo or button-up collared shirt

  • Favorite hoodie or t-shirt

  • Sports jerseys


  • Sundress, skirt, or dress, prom dress

  • Jeans, leggings, or casual slacks

  • Favorite t-shirt or hoodie

  • Sports Jersey or cheerleading uniform

Suggestions of things NOT to wear:

  • Overly bright colored shirts (red, hot pinks, bright blues, florescent colors, etc)

For more ideas check out my senior Pinterest board click here