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Winter Wedding In Wisconsin | Joey & Katie

On January 28th , Joey & Katie had a winter wedding in Wisconsin, and Mother Nature put an emphasis on "winter" for us! The temperature was a cold 18 degrees, with 2"-6" of snow in the forecast. We went the entire month of January with very little snow up until that weekend.

We started the day in Belmont, WI at Massage Works Day Spa & Salon where the girls met up to have hair & make-up done by the Massage Works Team. The salon was filled with hairspray, bubbly, bobby pins, makeup, curling irons and airbrushes.

After getting their hair and makeup done the girls met at 11am at the Belmont Convention Center to get ready for the big day! We had a very large conference room with 3 large windows and lots of space for getting ready. The Bridesmaids dresses were in various styles, textures and hues of grey. Katie's dress was a fitted mermaid dress, with a beautiful train and veil.

Joey & Katie's Wisconsin Wedding | Broske Center, Platteville, WI

Joey & Katie's ceremony was held at the Broske Center, Platteville, WI. Their ceremony had 75-100 of their closest friends and family in attendance. The Broske Center is a newer style building available for special events, situated with a beautiful park and trees surrounding the center. The space was perfect for this winter wedding in Wisconsin. The 10 minute ceremony was led by their officiant Tim, a personal friend. Following the ceremony, family photos were done inside the center where it was warm and cozy.

Belmont Convention & Conference Center | Wedding Venue in Wisconsin

Following the ceremony the bridal party headed to Katie's Gardens, for quick bridal photos. With up to 8" of snow covering the ground we were able to find a snow shovel and shovel a path out onto Katie's garden area for quick full party photos and a few of the bride & groom. Pretty sure no one was prepared for how cold the wind was. It didn't take long for their noses to turn red and their teeth to chatter. After photos the party moved to the Annex, where a ton of family met to for drinks before going to the reception at Belmont Convention Center, Belmont, WI.

Cocktails started at 5pm, many of the family members arrived early in anticipation that the weather was going to get worse with the wind picking up. The Bridal party arrived at 5:45 for their grand march and these guys were in rare form upon their arrival.

Dinner was served by Ma's Bakery in Bloomington. Chicken, pork roast, cheesy potatoes, corn, macaroni salad and coleslaw. A table filled with a variety of cupcakes were provided by Nancy Edwards of Belmont, WI.

The DJ Beats by Byrnes got everyone on the dance floor with his "Thunderstruck" game, and it started with a bang, literally! One of the groomsmen took a spill on the dance floor spilling an entire pitcher of beer. From here the dance floor was filled the rest of the evening. Things started to wind down shortly after the garder and bouquet toss, which was both caught by a couple who were dating, she caught the bouquet and he caught the garder, wonder if the old wise tail is true for this couple, will they be engaged soon?

This was for sure a winter wedding in Wisconsin for the books, winter weather advisories did not stop this party from enjoying their big day!

This winter wedding in Wisconsin was a first, capturing a wedding during a winter weather advisory, with 6" of snow in the forecast and officials asking people to stay off the roads. In the end the day went off without any issues, the bridal party had a great time, Katie and Joey were so grateful that everyone was able to join them at their packed reception. Winter wedding in Wisconsin are very magical if you can brave the cold and elements it may present. If your looking for a winter wedding photographer in Wisconsin, message me I'd love to talk all things winter wedding in Wisconsin with you.

Ceremony: Broske Center, Platteville, WI

Reception: Belmont Convention Center, Belmont, WI

Bridal Gown: Bridal Boutique, Platteville, WI

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridal Boutique, Platteville, WI

Menswear: Bridal Boutique, Platteville, WI

Florist Name: Erschen's Florists, Platteville, WI

Hair & Make-Up: Massage Works Day Spay & Salon, Belmont, WI

Dessert: Nancy Edwards, Belmont, WI

Jeweler: Helkers Jewelers, Platteville, WI

Videographer: Tucker Sarbacker

Catering: Ma's Bakery, Bloomington, WI

DJ: Beats by Byrnes

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