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Wisconsin winter senior picture ideas with your formal dress

senior picture ideas

Have you ever thought of venturing out into the Wisconsin Winter for your winter senior pictures with your formal dress? Don't let the cold temps stop you from looking your best! We have some great suggestions and ideas for keeping you warm and looking fabulous.

1. Hand warmers for keeping your hands warm. Put them in your dress pocket, or quick grab in between each pose to heat up your hands quickly, or hang onto them while your poses.

2. Fashion snow boots! The snow can be deep in Wisconsin in January/February we highly recommend you lace up your snow boots and wear them along with your dress. Creating a new fashion statement is A OK in Wisconsin.

3. Fleece lined leggings. Whether your dress has a slit or not, I highly recommend you purchase fleece lined legging from Amazon and wear under your dress. Nude leggings are great for those who have a slit in their dress, you will never know you have them on.

4. Winter shawl, if you book your winter formal with SMP, I have a brown and white over the shoulder shawl for you to use during the session. However if you want to purchase your own you can, they come in various colors and are very cheap on Amazon.

We were very fortunate to have a sunny and 37 degree day for these sessions. The girls were wearing fleece lined leggings and snow boots under their dresses. The faux fur shawl also helped to keep their arms and shoulder area warm and is a must for any formal winter photos.

If your looking for a unique session to show off your formal dress, I highly recommend a winter formal session, 30 minutes for 25-30 images, message me for availability.

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